Unique Wedding Venues in London

Are you looking for something a little different to spice up your wedding experience?

A wedding is one of the greatest events in a person’s life. It comes with the promise of forever, and for something so permanent- wouldn’t you like it to be something you’ll never forget; something that will forever stand out in your mind as one of the most beautiful days of your life?

As such, it’s entirely justified to search for what you believe will be the most memorable! London offers a little bit of everything in regards to this subject, here are some-

Notable themes in regards to unique wedding venues

1. Aquatic Themed: Do you have an interest in aquatic environments? Well, then this theme is the one for you. One such opportunity, is being wed at the submarine HMS Alliance, which can be found at the Royal Navy Submarine Museum- it’s a classy wedding that can appeal to war veterans or even just general Submarine enthusiasts! Another opportunity is having a wedding at an actual Aquarium- surrounded by various marine life and walking under the beautiful blue-glow of the well cared-for tanks.

2. Contemporary Themes: If you’re looking for something more modern and contemporary- there are venues for that as well. Like the Jet-Inspired Hotel, this features contemporary designs that are much like that found in aviation. It has a sky lounge that opens to a wonderful view. It is a bit pricey, but the luxury is definitely worth it.

3. Classic: Sometimes you don’t have to pick new and trendy places in order to have a unique wedding. There are many venues that feature elegant designs that can blast you back to the past. For example, the Fulham Palace. It has beautiful gardens, feature fireplaces, gorgeous red brick and Georgian rooms, that can fitted to a wedding scheme. If you’re looking for a more Gothic venue with the same elegant classical design, you can also consider the Le Gothique.

 4. Zoology: Are you a lover of animals? Well don’t fret, there’s something for you as well. The London Zoo is open for weddings that feature actual interactions with Live Animals.

5. Natural: If you’re looking for a wedding where you can simultaneously celebrate the beauty of nature, well there are wedding venues that may just shock you. One such opportunity are at the Cornglaze Caverns, with dramatically lit underground lakes curtained by beautiful rock formations that glow even in the darkness- it’s certainly a magical way to celebrate your wedding.

6. Notable mentions: The quirkiness and uniqueness doesn’t stop there. There are weddings that have been held in highly acclaimed art galleries- where you can be wed in front of your favorite artworks. There has even been an occasion of a couple marrying at a cinema! What a unique use for something that is often used for something else.


Whatever it is that you may be into, or whatever kind of wedding you’d like to have for yourself. Don’t limit it to the kind that everyone else is having! Explore some ideas, and I’m certain you’ll find something right for you.



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