Factors to Consider When Selecting a Meeting Room Location

There is an abundance of different meeting rooms everywhere; however finding the right one may take a little more digging than you’d think. When it comes down to it, whatever reason you’ve decided to rent the room for- it should fit the theme in which you’re presenting and should be comfortable for all the parties involved.

Important Factors Related to Selecting the right Location

1. Travel: How far do your business partners or acquaintances have to travel in order to be able to join you in the meeting? Is it a place that is readily accessible for everyone involved? Try to account for the travel cost for all the parties involved and try to find somewhere that everyone will be able to get access to.

2. Path: Another thing to consider is the path that needs to be taken in order to get to the venue. Is it safe? There are some venues located in isolated places that may be difficult to find, so choose a place that has a clear-cut path that everyone can follow. Try to find somewhere that can be reached through various means as well- so that there are no chances of people not being able to attend due to blockades.

3. Activity Level: Is the venue you’re considering in front of a busy street? Perhaps it’s an area that is next to train tracks. All of these might seem fairly harmless, but it could make or break the concentration involved in the meeting. A place that is quiet or at least somewhat isolated from any loud activity is best so that the meeting can proceed without any disturbances.

4. High-end/Low-end: If you’re having a hard time finding a venue that fits your budget. Consider looking at different areas of the city- you might be surprised in the differences between one place and another. Certain areas might offer lower prices based off of the location alone.

5. Ambience: Have you considered the length of the meeting itself? How long are you expecting your attendees to sit through one serious presentation after another? For meetings that might last longer than the usual- consider booking a place with an open area. Like a garden or a backyard, somewhere people can go and relax whenever the meeting convenes for a break. It’s a good way to refresh your clients and can help them be more ready for the next few hours to come.

6. Amenities: Does the location provide food and drinks? Some venues may provide coffee, water and various snacks- but there are some that don’t offer actual catering. Consider that when you’re booking a meeting room. Either rent a place that provides such things, or find one that is close to something that can provide that. Whether it be a connected restaurant or market.


All of these are fairly intuitive, but in stressful situations such as this, it’s always best to refresh your mind about what you may or may not be forgetting. This way, all possible issues can be taken cared of earlier on- making for a hopefully, stress free meeting.

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